Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Enjoying a "Taste of Green Woodwork" Workshop.

At the end of June, I had the pleasure of running another Green Woodworking workshop. This time we used the Vic Park Arts Centre as the venue. On a nice sunny day, it was great to be able to work out in the garden and on the verandah.

Front side of the info flyer for the June workshop.
Calling it "A Taste of Green Woodworking", the ten participants had a choice of either bowl carving or spoon carving. The wood we had to play with was Cape Lilac and Camphor Laurel.

Here are a few pics from the day:

That's me doing a demo on cleaving some Cape Lilac with froe and beetle.
Another lovely spoon taking shape.
Doing a demo on hollowing out the bowl shape with an adze.
A Camphor Laurel Bowl in the making.
The Shaving Horse is a joy to use!
The small bowl carving adze is a beauty.
A moment of contemplation...
Working on the verandah.
There were an assortment of hatchets and adzes to try out.
Shaping the outside of a Camphor Laurel bowl with a hatchet.
Using a Hook Knife to hollow the bowl of a spoon.

It's a very relaxing pastime carving spoons together.
While not every creation was completely finished, it was a great day working green wood together. 
 Pre-industrial woodworking. What a hoot! So interesting - and such fun!

The next Green Woodworking Workshop will be a 2 day affair, on two consecutive Sundays in September. We will be making both a three-legged stool and a spoon over that time.

Here is the front side of the flyer:

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