Thursday, September 15, 2016

September 2016 workshop program.

Better late than never! The September workshop program is finalised, with a few adult workshops and lots of kids workshops taking place in the first week of the Sept/Oct school holidays. Check them out! you will find them under the Upcoming Workshops link.

A new workshop for kids aged 8-14.  Knifework.
Remember when kids all had pocket knives and loved to use them, shaping the end of a stick?
How come we took the knives away and wrapped our kids in cotton wool?

All the fun was taken out of public playgrounds too, as we somehow got all risk-averse and incredibly boring. It's taken more than 20 years, but at last there is some sense returning. Have you noticed the high climbing frames and big swinging stuff returning to the public playgrounds. Hooray!

It is well understood that kids need to learn through taking risks, through physical challenges, and through engaging in nature. If kids in earlier generations could learn to safely use pocket knives, there is no reason why kids today cannot also learn to safely use sharp knives.
We are offering this whittling workshop for kids, and will teach them to safely use and handle sharp wood carving knives. It is a glorious thing which kids love to do, and another win for sanity. Don't let your 8-14 year old kid miss this workshop!  

Spoon Carving for Kids workshop returns.
This is a fantastic workshop, though it also is only offered for those kids aged 8-14.
Look what I made, Mum!

It is a wonderful thing to watch the kids start out with a piece of seasoned wood, most of which has been rescued from the wasted stream, and transform it into a beautiful and functional kitchen utensil.
Felix the Legend: "I made this spoon from a bit of wood like this!"

Another new kids workshop: Make a Small Picture Frame.
This is a fantastic workshop, which we have previously only done with adults. Using wooden moulding planes, as used by cabinetmakers and joiners for centuries, kids will make their fancy profiles for the frames, then rebate the back for the ply, then mitre and glue the corners. Such a wonderful thing to do, and such a sense of achievement!
Putting the finishing touches on a small frame. Nice job!
The other kids workshops  in this September School Holiday series:
  • Make a Kitchen Chopping Board
  • Make a Kitchen Spatula.
  • Make a Cajon Drum!
A new workshop for the adults:  Make a Leather Sheath for your Axe or Draw Knife.
It's a great way to protect that sharp edge on your tool and also a great way to protect yourself when handling these tools while they are not in use. Leather guards and sheaths. I was a leatherworker in the late '70s and early '80s, then did lots of leather furniture components in the 90's, so it's been fun to dust off my leatherworking gear and make my own sheaths for my large collection of edge tools.

I am also looking forward to sharing these skills with others.
Psst! Check this out... This was me in 1977 making leather belts and bags!
No handbags, belts, hats and sandals this time around - just sheaths and guards for deliciously sharp axes, drawknives, and other edge tools.

Other adult workshops on offer in the September series:
  • Refurbishing Old Tools.
  • Saw Sharpening.
  • Carve a Wooden Spoon. (from seasoned wood) 

Here are some answers to questions people often ask:
Bookings are best done by email. When I am teaching I don't answer my mobile phone.
You can pay on the day with either the right cash or by card.
Bookings are essential.
You don't need any prior woodworking experience to participate.
The workshops are run in Canvale Road, Canning Vale.
Sturdy covered shoes are to be worn by everyone in the building, young or old.
Every workshop program is a little different.

I reckon that should just about cover it!
Pleased feel free to flick me an email with any further questions.
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