****** Upcoming Woodworking Workshops ******

The Joy of Wood is running more public Workshops during September/October 2017.

These workshops will be run at our Heritage Woodcraft Centre, which is found at the rear of the new Timbecon shop, 31 Canvale Road, Canning Vale.

Please note: The best way to book or make enquiries is by email.

Several times a year over the last 9 years,  I have offered a range of woodworking workshops here in Perth, Western Australia, for anyone interested in learning about the wonders of hand tool woodworking and keen to experience the joys of working with wood - with a focus on wood recycling and using traditional woodworking hand skills and techniques. No screaming electric routers or power tools. You can hear yourself think, you can laugh and chat while we engage our creative energies together.

These workshops have been run in various locations, but have always involved me moving tonnes of gear to and from the venue. This huge physical effort will now be greatly reduced with the establishment of some dedicated workshop space, the HERITAGE WOODCRAFT CENTRE - the only place in Perth solely specialising in teaching traditional woodworking hand skills and techniques. Come and share the joy!

The joy of green wood spoon carving!

Make sure you don't miss out next time!

To put yourself on the list for information on future workshops via email, please contact me: adventure@wn.com.au