Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Workshop Program for March / April 2016.

The next batch of workshops have been organised, and should offer something for everyone.
School holidays fall in this period, so there are several workshops for kids included in the program.
Here is an overview of the workshops on offer:
  • Carve a Spoon from Green Wood. A full day workshop.
What a fantastic opportunity to get primal, using ancient skills and techniques to make something lovely and functional!. Spoon carving is all the rage around the world at the moment.

  • Introduction to Wood Carving. A 2 hour morning workshop.
We will do some relief carving as we learn and use a few techniques to craft something wonderful.
The pic below may be more complex than we'll do in the time, but you get the idea...

  • Sharpening planes and Chisels. A 2 hour morning workshop.
Learn these basic skills and make your tools sing again! They don't work well if they're not sharp.

  • Saw sharpening. A 2 hour evening workshop.
Learn to give new life to your old saws. You'll be amazed at what a difference it will make!

  • Pallet Craft - Recycling Pallets and Packing Crates. A 3 hour afternoon workshop.
What a hoot! Let the pallet/packing crate speak and create something very cool, so simply!

  • Make Kitchen Spatulas. A 2 hour morning workshop.
These simple but very useful kitchen utensils are a delight to make and to use.

  • Make a Small Lidded Box. A 2 hour morning workshop for KIDS.
The kids will make a very nice box to hold small treasures in. Heaps of fun.

  • Pallet Craft for Kids. A 4 hour afternoon workshop for KIDS.
It's amazing what the kids will cook up using some basic hand tools using this material.

  • Make a Kitchen Chopping Board. A 2 hour morning workshop for KIDS.
Another useful kitchen utensil and so much fun to create. Take it home and get cooking!

  • Make a Useful Carry Box with Handle. A 2 hour morning workshop for KIDS.
An oldie but a goodie. A great little project and a favourite of ours. You will note that the  info on the flyer does not match - the dangers of cut-and-paste. Your kid will be stokes with the outcome, as they make a very useful carry box which can hold so many things - that's why we don't call it a tool box!

  • Fast Tracked Spoon Carving! A 2 hour morning workshop.
For those of you who are time poor... a heap of the work has been taken out of the process, so you get to knock up a kitchen cooking spoon in record speed! It's still a lot of fun, though...

You will find the info flyers in the UPCOMING WORKSHOPS PAGE. This will give you dates and times, etc.

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