Thursday, March 26, 2015

Woodworking at the Claisebrook Carnivale.

Once again, we were invited to run a woodworking activity at the annual Claisebrook Carnivale. Run by the Rotary Club of Heirisson, this annual event is used as a fund raiser or the charity Telethon, particularly through the operation of the "Duck Derby". Last Sunday was a great day and our third year offering our woodworking activity there.
One of the quieter times in the Joy od Wood tent!
The organisers once again supplied us with a 9m x9m marquee, so we had plenty of room to offer our "Joy of Wood" woodworking activity to the public. With lots of kids benches and a few adult sized benches, there were a total of 29 hammers out. People of all ages had a great time, using a considerable volume of wood pieces to make a fantastic array of creations.
So many pieces of wood to choose from!

The Sawing Station in full swing... with all 6 saws on the go.
As normal, the wood recycling message is an important part of our mantra. All of the wood pieces have been cut up from wood rescued from the waste stream. All of the benches have been made from recycled wood too.
Thumbs up to wood!
Such concentration...
While there were hundreds of kids who participated through the day, there were also dozens of families who stuck around with everyone making stuff. It's great to see mums and dads, grandads and grannies all getting in there along with the kids. Multigenerational pleasure experienced by all! Some people soaked up the joy for hours...
Contented birdhouse builders.
 The Claisebrook Carnivale is a lovely family-friendly event in a really nice setting. It's always a pleasure to be there. For many kids it was the first time they had used a hammer and saw.
Yep, we always love to share the Joy of hand tool woodworking...

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