Thursday, June 13, 2013

Building a staircase with winders.

I really enjoy building staircases. Yes, the finished product will be functional, very beautiful, and a feature in the house. However, it's the journey I enjoy the most - the process of getting to the end product. The stairs I'm currently building in a renovated 1930's Art Deco house are very tricky, complex, and really testing my skills. I like that!!
The "cornerstone" of the whole staircase is a trio of newel posts which take the stairs up and through an opening in the wall and provide the corner "hubs" for two sets of winders, connected by a pair of straight steps. Today I did the test fit for this complex trio. Tomorrow I get to glue and fit them in place.
Up through the hole in the wall. Cramps used to do the test fit. There's no room for error... 
The tulip motive in the balustrading is a copy from the original entry statement in the hallway from which the new stairs will ascend. Pictured below.
In the 1930's, some big velvet curtains may have hung from there. That's the rod along the base still.

This has been a very complex process to get to here, and its very satisfying to know I've got it right!! It has been made more challenging by the walls and floor being out of plumb, level or square. Having done the test fit, the parts were then sanded ready for assembly tomorrow.

More about the journey thus far will come in a later post.

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