Saturday, March 6, 2010

Another Successful Woodworking Activity with the Belmont Alternative Learning Program.

I recently completed my third program with the students at the Belmont Alternative Learning Centre. (BALC)

The projects I offer sequentially introduce new skills and reinforce previously learned skills, which the participants apply in the building of their projects.
Last time I worked with the BALC students, they each made bedside tables. This time, the project involved some more tricky skills and maths, as the participating students each made a bar stool. In addition to angled legs and components, this project included the upholstering of the tops, which the students also undertook themselves.

Making the Bar Stools.
The following sequence of pictures help tell some of the story:

The measuring, marking and preparation of the angled components required good accuracy.

The use of dowelling jigs still requires care and accuracy for a good result.

The glue-ups are always a high pressure event as we race to beat the fast drying glue!

Glue-ups are best done with people working in pairs. Once clamped up, the excess glue is cleaned up.

The glue-up takes place in two stages: the two ends are glued up first, and when these are dry they are then glued together. This glue-up has been completed and cleaned up.

The upholstered tops first needed their plywood bases to be prepared.

The plywood bases were glued to the 50mm HD foam, and then the surplus foam trimmed off.

Students next helped each other apply the 12mm peeled foam to their seats.

The surplus peeled foam was then trimmed from the underside.

The calico was then stretched over the foam layers and fixed to the underside of the base.

The final task in making the upholstered tops was the trickiest – fixing the black vinyl cover.
This required considerable patience to get the corners right!

The students applied Danish Oil to their completed frames.

Once the frames and seats were completed, they were screwed together, completing the project.

Some of the participants with their completed stools.

A great job done by the students. Well done, Gang!!

Each time we have worked together, the BALC students have used their basic woodworking skills and learnt and applied new skills. It is a sequential process. What will be make next time? It will be interesting to see... I suspect we may make something which will benefit the local community. A bit of carpentry. Let's see what happens next term!

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